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-under, tied with bill haas for the lead. the former fedex cup champion, minus 5 today. to dennis. the sony open finals, williams and sharapova. sharapova takes the first set. trailing 3-2, serena asserting her will. winning the final ten games of the match. williams, sixth sony open title. this sports report brought toow by orchard supply. we have a really busy night. warriors in action. the sharks playing. a lot going on. >> ama: we'll look forward to your report later tonight. >>> the high cost of easter. just how much you >> ama: join me tonight. a look at the unfriendly side of facebook. researchers uncover one group of people who are likely to face negativity. >> a test of the new toll-taker system on the golden gate bridge. how it's going days after the change. that's at 9:00 and 11:00. >>> we're just hours away from easter sunday, and for many that means shelling out a whole lot of cash. americans will spend an estimated $17 billion on easter this year. about $145 per person. a lot. 180 million eggs will be dyed or decorated. 88% of american kids get easter baskets tomorro
the opportunity and denny's mentioned that she didn't have the opportunity to grant the relief based on where the country s we don't have the opportunity to look at ourselves. the issue of cost, these wide range of threats imply a broad range of protective design strategies. some of them involve the structure of the building, some involve the facade of the building, some involve the fire protection system of the building and some involve the air handling of the building. when you look at threat and mitigation strategy you can spend a lot of money in spending on high level of protection. urs has researched the threats what's plausible and credible and the fatalities the building could endure. to your point, director harper, you can't build a building that will sustain no damage but on the other hand it's irresponsible to design a building without expectation to no damage. we are trying to expand on that. it was set by the civil engineers society. a standard was identified that said the building should not engage in disproportion of damage and collapse. this is a highly constructed structure of
above it and someone had been using tools to carve a trail all the way up to the hill. dennis kern told us "we agree with you. this trail needs to be removed from our park land". rec and park crews tried a couple of times to discourage the use of trails and cutting tree lumps and on the trail and it got worse. debris was scattered and homeless were there and we reported the mess to the new manager and we was helpful and finally came word for a meeting for park users and indeed a statement from rec and park management. without a formal transparent process "i am looking forward to a open and community wide discussion how we can improve the trail" and why have a meeting if rec and park is opposed to our position. and that's what we recommend to you. thank you very much. >> thank you very much. >> [calling speaker names] if you could come up please. gene. >> gene. >> i'm little hard of hearing. >> and could you speak into the mic. >> oh okay. i am jean calling and a member of beacon street for 30 years or more. i oppose -- i am on the record of opposing any development of that unauth
criteria were prepared by a security team from urs corporation security division led by denny's signs and acting by repeating repealing and designing with bob with security and bob from widely associates and kevin duran, and smoke and fire life safety issues. so we have a comprehensive team looking at the work product being parade by urs. to say a few words of director harper's questions, the team first set out to establish kind of the level of importance and the level of protection for the facility as a whole and what was defined for our project was an ise medium for level of protection. so it's not the most stringent level of security protection, and the impacts for our project and the criteria for our project are influenced a lot by the intended design and operation of the facility that the facility is intended to be a very open facility, a transit facility where people come to it expecting to come and go without delays and so forth. so some of the security implications or origination recognize those operational needs of the facility and are addressed surveillance and other issues,
and application, there is an extensive application you fill out and denny's will be helping out with that and it's submitted. we are going to submit volumes and volumes of material and they will come in and make their first determination. they told me on first read it's the best candidate and they will get the certification and designation. in terms of liability, with the question of who is responsible if something happens to the station and after we have implemented? >> no. it was more of a design liability question. >> everybody is liable out there. you want to speak to that, bob? let me have him speak to that so we are a hundred percent clear. >> thank you, director reiskin, i'm guilty of perhaps of not explaining first the geographic relevance. when we looked at along with urs, the population of san francisco which is around 880,000, the way they address the assessment if the population. threats don't know the physical boundary. an aggressor looks at the effect on a region, not necessarily the contract boundaries of the center. so you are probably the 4th or 5th largest metropolitan area in
with the pier 15 project. congratulations on all accounts and please welcome me in joining dennis bartel. [ applause ] >> this has been a great partnership. when we identified pier 15 and 17 as the new home. we are opening in april 17th. it has come to our attention now it's just getting started. when i can borrow a baseball metaphor, we are at the bottom of the 9, 2 outs, 3 balls. we have one more pitch. we have 95 percent of the exhibits open and ready to go. in fact 95 percent are ready today. we kept this project mostly on schedule and mostly on budget and we'll hit that end of the day and a test to the cooperation that we get from not just the port and staff but from the whole city and community. just a few facts about the project is that we've been dying to play in the outdoors for 43 years since our opening in 1969. we have 2-and-a-half acres to play with. all these years shrinking it down, we get the chance to play with mother nature. 87 percent of that outdoor space is free to the public. it will be experiences happening throughout. in fact if you noticed already, our explainer
a first class law library, thank you. >> good morning honor board members my name is dennis rice. i have been a lawyer here in the city since 1959. i am not going to give you a lecture on the law. i have been a county supervisor myself. and as a matter of fact barbara and i went on the board the same day and i know that you supervisors have to rely on staff to give you the input. i just want to site one aspect of the information that you have gotten from staff. if you read all of the materials that have been furnished to the board, you would get the impression that city and county's real estate company found the property at 1200 van ness and they have been by themselves secured the rights to get 22,000 or gross feet or 20,000 net feet. the real estate department had nothing to do with locating 1200 van ness and that was done by the law library. we brought in our real estate person and we are negotiating with the owner who had 22,000 gross feet, square feet on one floor and 8,000 gross square feet on another floor and had some additional square footage and wanted the law library in there.
in your chambers, my first time speaking to you. buff i felt passionate enough to come, my name is dennis nava and i am just a joe citizen, a native san franciscoan, and when i found out that the public law library was having issues it really astounded me. i recently because i had questions, and was unable to afford an aattorney, had made use of the public libraries actually several entities in san francisco, which are now finding are no longer available to the public. the market street location has been closed from last march from my understanding and hasting is no longer allowing the public to use the public library and to believe that the city that hosts the 9th kir circuit is not going to have a public library available to look at laws that are governing just astounded me. so i am listening to these attorneys and these para legals and i am like wow, if we are having problems who am i to stand here and say look is this something that no one else is seeing? this should be our constitutional right, our legal accessibility to look at these laws, whether i have a computer or not. (inaudibl
dennis rodman a couple of weeks ago, that kim jong-un wants a phone call from president obama. any sense to have direct talks with knot korea? >> i don't believe so. i don't see any purpose in that. this isn't a government. an organized crime family running a territory. they are brutal. he is brutal. his father is brutal. his grandfather is brutal. i don't see any purpose at all in doing that. to me it would serve no constructive purpose whatsoever. >>> let's bring in the rest of the roundtable. newark mayor cory booker, matthew dowd, katrina vanden heuvel and jeff zeleny. welcome to you. great to have you here. >>> let's talk about gay marriage first, and it certainly appeared that a lot of the justices may have been looking for a way out on this proposition 8. >> you want us to step in and render a decision based on assessment of the effects of this institution which is newer than cell phones or the internet? >> we have five years of information to weigh against 2,000 years of history or more. >> if the issue is letting the states experiment and letting the society have more time to fi
unless you're at denny's. where there are always great choices for four dollars, on the 2$4$6$8 value menu ®. >>> with hours to go before opening day, san francisco giants ceo larry bear sits down with us to sketch out the season, the business of baseball. and later, the ends of pass words, how to protect your identity when big companies can't. bloomberg reporter on this week. >> the first time larry baer appeared on this program back in 2010, i asked them if the giants would be able to sell enough tickets. the question would turn out to be completely irrelevant. >> for the first time since 1954, the giants are world champions. >> that's because the giants would then win the world series for the first time in more than a half century. and of course go on to win it in 2012. >> and the giants have won it all! >> nowe're just hours away from the start of another giants season with monday's game against the archrival the l.a. dodgers, this is a team that's spent far more on talent. larry bear is the ceo of the most successful baseball team in the world and not just because the giants are
intelligence, retired admiral dennis blair, said i believe yesterday that drone attacks, unilateral drone attacks in pakistan actually did more harm to u.s. national security interests than good. does the white house have any opinion about these remarks? >> we believe our relationship with pakistan is essential to fighting terrorism and terrorists. >> "new york times" reports vice president biden in these sessions talking about the way forward has pressed specifically for a strategy that elevates the use of unmanned aerial vehicles, drones and de-emphasized u.s. combat forces on the ground. can you tell us if that's true? >> i think you can understand why i'm not going to get into internal discussions. >> you can't say one way or the other if that's true or not? >> i'm not going to get into it. >> i understand why. >> you had to put that last picture up, didn't you? >> we got the guy. >> i guess, you know, i should say in defense of white house press secretaries, they do not make the decision. they are the person who has to get sent out to make say what we can and can't talk about. my sen
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11